7.8.13 Rangers @ Orioles

This was a hot and sunny day at good old Camden Yards. This was going to be the first of four games that the Orioles were playing for the Rangers, and I was excited to be back at Camden Yards. My last appearance at the park was June 16th, when I met Chris Davis with fellow Ballhawk Alex Kopp. Long story short, he caught Chris’ 100th career bomb, and both of us ventured down to the clubhouse to meet him and make an exchange for the ball. We took a picture, and Alex received a signed, game-used bat, and some signed baseballs. I had only been to 3 games since the 16th of June – one at PETCO and two at Nats Park – and I really missed Camden Yards. Snagging baseballs at those other parks was nice and all, but nothing beats the LF bleachers and the flag court at OPACY. Anyways, I got to the park really early and was first in line. Woo-hoo! Here’s a good view of the Eutaw street gates; I was happy to be back at my home park:
One thing that surprised me was that as 5pm approached, there was no sign of either Alex or Tim Anderson, who are usually at the gates by at least 4:45. As I entered the gates and the LF bleachers, there was still no sign of either of them. Turns out both had work and were running a bit late. That didn’t stop either of them, though; Tim snagged four and Alex did pretty well, too. Meanwhile, I had this great spot in the bleachers. For the Orioles portion of BP – which lasted only 10 minutes – the seats were empty:
I snagged my first ball on the fly in LF. Some Orioles player hit one deep a bit in front of me and towards my right, so I ran down a few rows and got it. Here’s a good look at the ball:
The Rangers soon took the field and started smashing balls. To be honest, both teams were killing it, but the Orioles only had a little bit of time on the field. Ball #2 was caught on the fly in the LF seats as well. Once again, I’m not sure who hit it, but it was towards my left, so I ran down a row and caught it in front of an older man without a glove. Here it is:
It was a beauty. As I was about to put it in my bag, the man who I reached in front of approached me and asked if he could see the ball; I showed it to him and started talking with him for a bit. He explained to me that he was out of town (from Boston) and that one of his relatives was an O’s player back in the day. During our chat, another ball came my way, and I snagged it easily on the fly. I forget where it was considering I was talking with the man before and after – oh well. After seeing me catch #38, the man asked if I could give his son the next ball I catch. I agreed, but I moved to the flag court as soon as some lefties on the rangers came to the cage. Here was the view from the flag court:
Unfortunately, I had no luck here. I had a couple of opportunities, but I misjudged a few balls, and some random guy snagged about four on the court. I walked over towards the first baseline after batting practice ended with hopes of getting some autographs or a warm-up ball. No luck, but here’s a shot of Manny Machado throwing:
Fun fact – I’ve snagged two warm-up balls from Manny, and I got them on two straight games. One on June 6th in Houston, and another on June 15th in Baltimore. I think it’s pretty cool. For the rest of the game I stood around here…
…and there were no homeruns. And the Orioles lost. And I took a long, crowded light rail home. But I snagged three balls, and I was happy because of that. Here’s a picture of the three I snagged:

3 balls snagged at this game, 28 in 2013, 38 all-time.


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